Our services

Accounting services


  • Bookkeeping

  • Compilation of financial statements (Lux GAAP or IFRS)

  • Consolidation of accounts

  • Internal and group reportings


Tax services


  • Registration for Luxembourg VAT

  • Periodic and annual VAT returns

  • Corporate tax returns

  • Tax representative services

  • Tax optimisation

Audit services


  • Legal and contractuel audit

  • Engagements based on  ISA, ISRS, ISRE or ISAE standards

  • Statutory audits

  • Liquidation audits

  • Internal audit assignments

  • Valuation report

Corporate services


  • Assistance to the incorporation of your companies

  • Assistance to obtain your governmental licence

  • Voluntary dissolution of your companies

  • Company restructuration

Payroll and HR services


  • Drafting of employment contracts

  • Salary simulation and computation

  • Preparation of payslips

  • Communications with the social security and tax authorities

  • HR advice 



  • Provision of a registered office address


  • Provision of company directors/managers and statutory auditors


  • Organisation of shareholders’ meetings


  • Organisation of Board meetings