Fiducia S.A. ("Fiducia") is a trust company and member of the Luxembourg “Ordre des Experts Comptables” (OEC).


​Fiducia proposes and provides customized solutions to assist Luxembourg and foreign entrepreneurs with the incorporation, restructuration, transmission and liquidation of their personal and corporate vehicles.


​We aim to establish a relationship with our customers based on trust, adequately addressing their requirements and expectations.


​We offer accounting, advisory and tax services, including domiciliation and statutory audit.


About us
Our Mission

The world of business is constantly mutating and the related legal, regulatory and administrative constraints are ever growing.


We provide you with personalised and thought-out solutions to help you to free from those constraints and allow you to focus on the essential and reach your financial and strategic goals.


Your objectives enforce us to constantly offer a high quality service based on our experience and know how.






Our Values

Our approach is resolutely proactive. To enable you to reach your goals, we endeavour to adhere to the following principles:

  • Availability and reactivity


  • Quality and professionalism


  • Confidentiality


  • A relevant fee schedule

Our Services


Accounting services


Corporate services


Tax services


Audit services




Payroll and HR services


"In the middle of difficulty lies  opportunity"  Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein